Choosing a Capricorn Coast real estate agent


Why local knowledge counts


When you are looking to sell property on the Capricorn Coast, it’s reassuring to have a professional, knowledgeable agent by your side to provide expert guidance.

But whether you’re selling in Emu Park, Zilzie, Keppel Sands, Taranganba, Yeppoon or elsewhere, just what should you consider to choose the right Capricorn Coast real estate agent for you?


Local insights

In-depth local knowledge is invaluable. The more your real estate agent has, the better, which means you’re wise to engage someone who lives in the area, has been selling real estate locally for many years and knows all the streets in every local community. Not only is their extensive sales experience beneficial to you, but this means they’ll have heightened awareness of how the market has fluctuated historically and any factors that can impact your selling price. Local agents with more than 25 years of experience, such as Alan Buehow, are also likely be better able to educate any prospective buyers from outside the region about schools in the area and demographics of specific suburbs or neighbourhoods.


Do your research

Check the agent’s recent sales results, including prices and time on market, to get a gauge on their typical performance.


Interaction with potential buyers

You don’t typically buy a car without taking it for a test drive, so why put your largest asset in the hands of an agent you haven’t seen in action? Once you’ve shortlisted agents based on their experience and local knowledge, be sure to pop along to one or two of their open homes – ideally for any properties similar to yours – to check out how they present themselves and communicate with prospective buyers. For example, are they punctual, welcoming and engaging? Do they proactively identify the property’s main selling features? Are they able to answer all questions about the property? Do they follow up following your inspection?


Comfort level

Honest communication is essential during the sale of your property, so after interviewing an agent be sure to give consideration to whether there’s any personality clashes or whether you’d be comfortable talking openly and having frank conversations.


Be wary of heightened appraisals

It’s not always sensible to choose the real estate agent who suggests the highest value estimate for your home. Unscrupulous agents essentially try to win your listing by inflating the likely sale price, so always be sure that an agent can provide evidence as to why your home should achieve the price they suggest – such as recent sales data for comparable properties – before signing a contract with them.